I have had the delight and opportunity to work with many great people over the years.  Not only to get my own companies built and into the marketplace, but now as I have migrated to help others like you have the business of their dreams.

My "1 + 7” System will help you create the plan to succeed.  No matter what idea, concept or product you have in mind to share with the world, I have designed an Implementation System to get a business idea out of your head and into the real world - and help make you happier and wealthier than you are today.

Here are some of the terrific people I have worked with over the last few years...


Josh Paulson

Portland, OR

The knowledge and experience available with Jerome has transformed me

from a dreamer to an achiever, and my life will never be the same.

Looking forward,

Josh P.

ps: Thank you for everything, Jerome. This has been the greatest learning experience of my crazy life.

Jim Lomot

Trinity Global Group, Knoxville, TN

I took a Linked In training lead by Jerome recently. If I had to describe the training in just 1 word, I'd say "OUTSTANDING". I came in knowing hardly anything about Linked In and left with a clear plan on how to implement Linked In into my daily prospecting. Jerome was clear, concise and very easy to understand. He has a friendly, engaging and giving approach that can help anyone at any level to achieve more. Thank you for the time and expertise you shared with me to help me grow my "from anywhere" business.

Mitch Tippetts


Never have we had such strong business counsel as from Jerome Eberharter.  

He was instrumental in guiding us to the development & founding of our company.  

We believe that where we are today is where we would have been at least a

year from now without Jerome's coaching.

Mitch Tippetts, President

Directions Academy

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Jana Kemp

Boise, Idaho

Jerome is an avid reader, learner and active thinker. He’ll prompt so

many ideas your head may spin! Without good ideas, nothing new

comes forward.

"Bill" Rocky Mayer III

Ojai, CA

Jerome.... Has a way of making a tough climb easy for all... Starting a business

requires a game plan, and a leader;   Jerome's leadership ability is infectious.

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