February 19, 2018


Are you like me, perhaps one of the ‘Un-Hireables’ of the world?  Lots of us just don’t want to talk about it.  It might be us or perhaps a friend - or two or three… Here are some of the trends pointing the way to a rapidly changing employment world:


  1. Despite record employment, the numbers are misleading.  Here’s why; according to Statistica, the U.S. “Underemployment’ stood at 14% in April 2017.  This is the combined rate of unemployed people and part-time employed people who are seeking full-time work.    As this PBS NewsHour Video shows, for millions, underemployment is the new normal.  

  2. Almost all US jobs created between 2005 to 2015 have been temporary, Quartz reports. “Alternative work” accounted for 94% of new jobs during that period — with the biggest increases coming from freelancers, independent contractors, and contract company workers (who work at a business but are paid by an outside firm). The shift could be positive workers seeking flexibility, Princeton economist Alan Krueger notes, but may spell trouble for the future of full-time, stable positions.  [Credit - Linked In, 1.10.18]

  3. American corporations are working hard to move employees off of their payrolls.  The WSJ sums this up in an article titled: “The End of Employees”.  It seems to be an unstoppable trend.

  4. And one last thing to consider; many, many jobs are going away due to automation.  About 58% of CEOs plan to cut jobs over the next five years because of robotics, while 16% say they plan to hire more people because of robotics, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey.  


Who are the Un-Hireables?  Is this you?

  • Over 50 - and just tired of working in someone else’s cubicle to make someone or some company wealthier.  Or perhaps laid-off and just having a hell of time finding the right fit somewhere else.

  • Under 30 - maybe with a college degree but just not happy with any of the organizations you’ve looked at or interviewed with.

  • Have Health Issues - lots of us have had to confront health issue that took us out of the work place for months - or maybe years.  And now, it’s simply hard to step back into your old job.  It may be gone, the the company sold or a new set of skills is required to now start where you left off.

  • Have Old Skill Sets - perhaps you’ve let the changes in world past you by; things like social media, video conferencing, smart phone use and computer skills.  If this is you, its getting difficult to fit into today’s rapidly changing work environment.  

  • Stay-at-Home Mom or Dad?  And your kids are most important right now?

  • Been Out of the workforce for a while?

  • Ex-Military - going back to the civilian world can be really hard - especially tough for vets who now have to fit into a vastly changed workplace from the one they left years ago.


Turbulent Times

Yes, we live in crazy times - so much change and that change is accelerating. The Internet is a huge part of these disruptive changes.  You can jump on this wave or have it crash over you.


The Solution

It’s simple - it really is.  Own your own business.  I believe everyone can.  Not everyone will, but everyone can.  Many of you know that I preach this every day.  There has never been a better time to start a business.  The resources now are limitless.  And many are free or very low-cost.  You’ll need to learn some new skills and create a plan to take the next steps - as you rise to the occasion, your income will too.


So Why Start a Business Now?


✔ Independence - This is the goal; the peace of mind that comes with not having to rely on others for your income.  Now you don’t have to worry if someone will hire you - or not.


✔ Income -  Financial freedom.  It may take a few months, it may take a few years - it doesn’t matter.  Persist to the end.  


✔ Ownership - the tremendous pride of having a business that belongs to you because your products and services provide value to others.



Here are several resources that can help you right now…



I am a dad, husband, entrepreneur, small business coach, motorcycle rider, snowboarder and dog person.  I focus on helping people like you transition to having their own business and building a new future.  Besides me, we have a great team of business and internet start-up advisers as well.  If you have been dreaming about starting your own business and are looking for help, join us here and call us at 208.471.8211.  You can also email us at


All the Best!  Jerome


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