Mastermind Coaching Membership

Every other week - a one hour Mastermind meeting for your business building concerns and questions. Each session has a theme; from business models, funding, product design, HR considerations, to accounting and payroll issues - we'll cover them all. You will have my feedback as well as input from other business owners. It's the perfect way to solve problems and get new ideas to grow and increase sales - all in a confidential manner.  Cost is just $57.00 per month - you'll have the the Best Advisory Board ever.

2 Week Start Up Blast

This is for you if you want a personal 1-on-1 Business Coaching process to start or expand your business. We talk 3 times for 45 minutes, begin the process of exploring the market for your idea and the possible business model to deliver your product or service to the world.   You'll have me for inspiration and to help you determine where to go next following our plan based on the 7 Essential activities.

Cost is $297 for 2 weeks of intensive new business exploration together.

6 Week Start Up Jump 

This coaching package is for you if you already have a concept, idea or product that you want to get out of your head and into the world - and make money.  We talk every week for one hour, build a plan, choose the business model and begin the process of building your new business or enhancing your current one.  You'll have me for inspiration, ideas, concepts and most of all, to help you be accountable to yourself and fulfill the vision of what you want.  Cost is $997 for 6 Sessions of Business Planning and Building.

3 Month Intensive Business Building

This is the big one; this package is focused on getting you to market - we want your plan done, website or location underway and the income to be arriving soon.  2 hours per week, intensive homework and planning with me using the 7 Essential Activities every business must follow.  This plan is the serious one to utilize my help in getting your new business ( or enhancing your current one) to a focused place of creating revenue.  I will also be available to you on our Thursday Mastermind calls:  Cost is $2,997

Personal and Life Coaching

Life can often get in the way of your goals, aspirations and dreams of where your really want to go.  I know...  I've been there.  I draw on my 40 years of business building, dealing with hundreds of employees over the years, 2 divorces (and now a terrific marriage!) to help you begin again or jump to higher ground.  Call me so we can determine the best schedule for you in your quest for a greater life.