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  • Create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of business you want to start and the steps you need to take to make it happen

  • Uncover the hidden challenges that may be holding you back

  • Leave our session renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally start the business that will make you happier and change your destiny

The Essential 7 Coaching Program saves you time and frustration of launching your own business by focusing on the only 7 essential business-building systems:
  • Step One: Create a customer attraction system and find people who are eager to pay for your products or services

  • Step Two: Develop a customer approach system and never worry about finding new customers

  • Step Three: Create a presentation process and automate how you build trust with new customers

  • Step Four: Develop a follow-up process and never let your clients and customers go cold

  • Step Five: Celebrate your customers and make them feel like they are part of something big

  • Step Six: Create your own tribal system and have your fans practically sell for you

  • Step Seven: Lead by example and inspire others to do the same


“Jerome's system for moving from idea to implementation is outstanding.  We were able to move from inception, to our first business outing within 4 weeks of our first coaching session.  His counsel is direct, insightful, & practical.” -Mitch Tippetts


“We've been working on a start up business with Jerome for just a month. He has been able to help us find in ourselves the very thing that will become our core business. He has provided meaningful and challenging assignments that are helping us refine our vision and formulate our business plan. He contacts us weekly to either make sure we're on track or help us get back on track. We've accomplished with Jerome's help, more in a month than we've been able to accomplish by ourselves in 10 years.” -Roy & Leah Bartle


“I have had the opportunity to work with Jerome on several projects over the last few years in the direct sales industry. He is driven to reach out to help the other person gain knowledge while at the same time is humble enough to learn from those that have gone before him. Jerome is one of the most passionate, driven entrepreneurs I know. His business record stands as a testament of his success. Any one that has a chance to be around him can not help but see that he is a builder of business and people.” -Robert J. Hipple, President, Eaglecap Consulting, LLC


"If there is such a thing as a Type E personality--for Entrepreneur--then Jerome typifies these character traits with a big, flashing E. He has boundless energy, a grab-bag full of good ideas, and couple of decades of experience in hand-to-hand entrepreneurship. Plus, he has taken his share of calluses, scars and hard knocks to keep others from having to learn the same lessons the hard way. I've worked with lots of folks who have developed innovative products or services who can't sell them. Jerome is certainly not among them. When it comes to sales and marketing energy, he delivers maximum horsepower on all cylinders.” -Chris Volk, President of Kickstand

How Jerome [achieved result]


[Back story about how you overcame your challenges to achieve the results your clients want to achieve - Include a picture of you holding authority (working with client, speaking in front of crowd, etc.)]


At the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, Jerome was a [job] who was [pain point] and [pain point #2].


As he paused to diagnose his struggle, he realized he had no systems in place (customer attraction system, sales system, etc.) working for him in his business.


He spent years perfecting and testing these systems on his own, and that's what birthed the Essential 7 process.


Once he learned the right systems for building and growing a business, he re-released his program and sold over $30k in the first month.


Now he teaches [target market] how to [examples] to help them [goal 1] and [goal 2].

This is your chance to work personally with Jerome to build the business you’ve dreamed of owning

WARNING: This program is not for wannabe entrepreneurs. This program is for busy folks with winning ideas who only need the right tools and accountability to succeed.

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