The 7 Essentials To Start & Run Your Business


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Start a Business

I can help you with the critical activities to set up, run and expand your new business.  From product design to accounting and legal, I've been there and done it.

Personal Coaching

We all need help from time to time with new perspectives, ideas and insights to help us move and transform our lives. I can help you with that as I bring a confidential focus in helping you with the change you want in your life.

Business Coaching

We all need an outside set of eyes to help us.  My 7 Essentials helps you know you are on the right track for a thriving business that is rewarding and helps you bring more to the world.

No matter what idea, concept or product you have in mind to share with the world, I have designed an Implementation System to get a business idea out of your head and into reality - and help make you happier and wealthier than you are today.   


My joy comes from helping people like you create the business you want.  As the founder of White Cloud Coffee,  co-founder of Moxie Java and several other successful (and failed!) businesses, my unique experience and perspective can help you start your own business - now!   My "1 + 7” System will help you create the plan to succeed.  

The knowledge and experience available in Essential 7 Coaching, has transformed me from a dreamer to an achiever and my life will never be the same."


Looking forward,  Josh P.

President, Quality Cage,


ps: Thank you for everything, Jerome. This has been the greatest learning experience of my crazy life.


“Jerome is an avid reader, learner and active thinker. He’ll prompt so many ideas your head may spin! Without good ideas, nothing new comes forward.”

Jana Kemp, Meeting Expert,


Jerome is a professional with a drive to make any business he is part of a success. He is passionate about the journey of building businesses and seeing them succeed. He is the kind of person I would want on my team.”

- Aaron Ellsworth, Founder,


Jerome.... Has a way of making a tough climb easy for all... Starting a business requires a game plan, and a leader; Jerome's leadership ability is infectious.

Bill "Rocky" Mayer III, Bill Mayer Saddles

Free 30 Minute - Start Your Business  -  Coaching Strategy Session


During the session:

• We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of business you’d like to start and the steps you need to take to get that

into reality

• You’ll uncover the hidden challenges that may be holding you back

• And you’ll leave our session renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally start the business that will make you happier and change your destiny.